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A new era of Fantasy Super Rugby

Super Rugby

If you’ve ever played fantasy rugby before then you will know that it can get pretty addictive.

Well… You haven’t seen any form of addiction until you’ve played a draft version of fantasy footy.

That’s where we come in.

Over the past ten years we have crafted the hugely popular forms of our game for AFL and NRL, but now you can play Super Rugby too.

Why is the draft the best?

The beauty of a draft version of the game is that when you select a player in your competition, only you can have him. Too often we’ve seen fantasy games where everyone sees the potential of players and every team ends up having Brodie Retallick, Israel Folau and Francois Steyn.

Where is the fun in that?

Whenever Folau scores you have to decided how many other people in your competition have him to decide whether or not it benefits your team greatly.

Not in the draft based version of TheBench. Only you can celebrate. Because only you will have each player.

The best scoring option

The other addictive part of our game is the scoring options. Instead of every team ending up on hundreds and even thousands of points, our game is slightly easier to follow.

Most games will end up with a total of 20-60 points.

When you get down to the last game of the round you know that you need a try and a try assist to defeat your mate.

That brings great excitement and banter!

Here are the default settings for points scored in our game:

Tries = 5 points
Goals = 2 points
Penalty Goals = 3 points
Drop Goals = 3 points
Try Assists = 2 points
Clean Breaks = 1 point
Workhorse = 5 points

So what is a workhorse?

Once again this makes a great differentiator between our game and others. Rugby is a game of equals. There are positions for big guys, small guys, fat guys and skinny guys.

The workhorse brings the big guys into the game.

As forwards don’t score as many tries as the backs, the workhorse allows them to contribute based on their workload.  If any forward can achieve 20 or more tackles and runs combined then they are rewarded 5 points. If they can achieve 40 or more involvements then they are awarded 10 points for a double workhorse.

Join in the fun

It might sound complicated, but it’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Are you interested? Sign up for free and see what you think.

Want the full experience?

If you want to get the full experience then you can sign up to create a customisable paid League which will allow you to utilise some of the following bonus features:

  • Rolling lockout (the ability to change your team over the weekend in case of injuries)
  • Custom changes to scoring options (want tries to be worth 10 points? Want to remove a scoring option like Clean Breaks all together? You can change it all to suit yourselves)
  • Captains for bonus scoring options (allows you to select a player for bonus points such as double points)
  • The ability to customise your draft order (the site will set your order unless you create a custom league then you can set it up however you like)
  • Export reports on players (for the real stats nerds amongst us)

All this for just $10 per club,

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