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Leagues and Competitions – What’s the difference

So what is the difference between a League and a Competition on TheBench™.

A League defines the core rules for your game.  The League defines the positions on the field, the scoring rules, the field position layout, squad size and rule for drafting and delisting and the code (eg. AFL or NRL).

A Competition on the other hand belongs to a League.  You can create as many Competitions in a League as you like.  All Competitions will inherit the rules of your League.  You will be able to tweek some minor rules in your Competition but for the most part the League defines the rules.

An analogy would be a regional League in the real world, the Eastern Football League for example.  And similarly within the Eastern Football League there exists a set of separate Competitions (or Divisions) in which a set of Clubs fight it out for the premiership of their respective Competition within the Eastern Football League.

Some of our users have clubs relegated and promoted between Competitions within their overall League.

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Ben is founder of TheBench. Famous for being relegated two years in a row in his League on TheBench so perhaps more capable in running the site than running his team.

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