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Preparing your Competition for a new Season

The following video tutorial will take you through the process of preparing your Competition for the new season.


The video starts by showing you how to download the results from last year that you can save away in your historical archives for future generations.

After posting some banter to your Coaches about the draft, that video takes you through resetting the competition to the “Pre-season” mode.  In resetting, you have two options:

  • Reset and Keep the Squads: this is ideal for Keeper style Competitions where the Coaches my keep part of their squad and carry them into the new season
  • Reset Everything: this option will reset the Competition and will also blow away all of the squads from last year so you can start fresh.

In “Pre-season” mode, you are free to delete and add Clubs and change the draft order.  The video shows you how to change from a Snake style draft (ie. top to bottom, bottom to top etc) to a linear style draft (ie. top to bottom, top to bottom etc) and then even override particular specific draft picks.  Overriding specific draft picks is ideal for Competitions that trade draft picks.

With your draft order setup you can now start your draft.  The tutorial will show you the Draft Management Console which the Competition Manager can use in a Live Draft to enter the players as the draft progresses.  The Draft Management console can also be used for online drafts to track, monitor and enter draft picks.

With the draft complete, the Competition will return to “Home and Away” mode, ready for the season to start.



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