Customise your finals, Part 2

OK, so you have read up on our previous article about customising your finals here and have decided to give it a go.  Lets say you want to run your finals series one week earlier than the standard final 4 rounds, for clarity, lets call that ‘Round 19’.

But who can be shagged with manually calculating who plays who and manually keying in all those games…?  Well not us, and we assume not you either so we have built a tool to help called the “Game Builder Wizard”.

To setup your finals to run 1 week earlier than the final 4 rounds, you need to first setup the following:

  1.  On your League Edit page (advanced tab), set the “First Finals Round” setting to the round that you will run your first final, ie. round 19.  This setting controls which rounds are considered when updating your ladder. The ladder positions at the end of the standard home and away season is used to determine the games in the finals so you don’t want it to change while the finals are being played, otherwise your finals will get buggered up.
  2. On your Competition Edit page, you need to set the “Finals Model” setting to”None/Custom”.  This will tell the system to no create the normal finals games automatically and instead hand the keys over to you to control.
  3. On the Fixutre page, you will find and “Edit Games” link under the list of games for each round.  By default, the system has probably creates a set of games in round 19.  Click the “Edit Games” link and delete all of the games, leaving it blank.

Now you just need to play the season as normal until the last round of your home and away season, ie. round 18, is complete.

With round 18 complete, you can now go to the Fixture page  and click “Edit” again for Round 19, to setup your finals games.

If there are any games still in Round 19, delete them (but you should have done that already in step 3).  Deleting the first will enable the link to the  “Game Builder Wizard”.  Click on the link and the system will open up a page to help you automatically create the finals games.

game builder wizard link

The wizard will give you two criteria to pick from:

Game Style: this is the style or format of the games that are to be created.  eg. to setup the games for round 1 or a finals series, choose “Finals Round 1”.  Similarly, next week for a second round of finals, you would choose “Finals Round 2”.

game builder criteria 1

Participating Clubs: this option lets you choose the number of clubs you want to be involved.  If you are running a finals series with the top 5 clubs in your 12 club competition for example, choose 5.

game builder criteria 2

The system will show you a preview of the proposed games on the right.  If you are happy with the games, just hit Save and the games will be locked in.  You can even then go back in to the Fixture edit page and tweek the games further or even add some extra games for the bottom rankers.

The Game Builder Wizard will always try to merge any existing games but we aware that the Game Builder Wizard will delete any games featuring the Clubs that it cares about.  You will see the warning on the screen if this happens.

Another thing to remember is that you need to wait for a round to complete (ie. all the real games have been played) before setting up the next round.  This is because for finals games, the Wizard will use the results from the previous round to determine who plays who in the next.

Other than that, you should be good to go.

Good luck!




Beware the Bombers

As has been well documented, more than once, the once glorious bombers, previously known for flying up, up have hit a wee snag this year.  Thirty-four players of their 2012 team have had to take their metaphorical medicine (bad pun I know!) and sit on the side-lines for the 2016 season.  Some of the players no-longer play or now play for other AFL teams.  The key point being… DON’T PICK THEM!

Of those still playing, here is a list of the banned players to avoid for 2016:

  • Angus Monfries
  • Brent Stanton
  • Heath Hocking
  • Jobe Watson
  • Patrick Ryder
  • Cale Hooker
  • David Myers
  • Tayte Pears
  • Tom Bellchambers
  • Michael Hurley
  • Jake Carlisle
  • Travis Colyer
  • Jake Melksham
  • Stewart Crameri
  • Ben Howlett
  • Dyson Heppell
  • Michael Hibberd


The Premiership Wager

We have just launched a brand new feature on the bench called the Premiership Wager.



The Premiership Wager lets you put a bet on the outcome of your season long fantasy Competition.  All of the coaches submit their wager through the site which forms your competitions prize pool.  At the end of the season, the winner of the Competition will get their prize paid straight into their betting account.

As a Competition Manager, you have probably been doing this yourself and so would know of the hassle of having to collect the entry fee from your coaches, chasing up the late payers, sticking the cash somewhere (so you don’t spend it) and then paying it out at the end of the year.

As a Coach, you might know the joy of winning the season, only to have to wait for the last of the late payers to pay their way or for your competition manager to put his hand in his pocket, before you get your cash.

Well now, the Premiership Wager can take all of that hassle away for you and manage your competitions prizes.

Check out the video above for a sneak peak into the Premiership Wager.

As the Competition Manager, all you need to do to setup the Premiership Wager is pick the entry fee amount and the split of the prize pool between the winner and runner-up – that’s it.

The Coaches will receive an email with all of the details can can simply click the link and pay through the site.

The cash gets stored in a trust account for the year and upon your Premier being decided, will be automatically transferred to the winner and runner-ups account.

To try to keep on top of late payers (all Competitions have them, and you know who you are!), when you have the Premiership Wager running, all Coaches must have joined the Premiership Wager before they can submit their team. Coaches will continue to be locked out from submitting their team until they have either paid or we hit round 3 after which time the betting pool is closed.  After round 3, all Coaches will be able to enter a team however only those who joined the Premiership Wager will be eligible for the prize pool.

If you want to learn more, you can have a look at the rule of the site here.



AFL Injuries Round 15

Quick update on AFL injuries and suspensions after Round 15.

AFL Injuries Round 10

Quick update on AFL injuries after Round 10.

Perhaps the biggest out is Juddy with a career ending dicky knee on the weekend against the Crows – good luck Juddy, you are a legend.  Brodie Grundy had a scare in a big hit at training on Friday morning but been cleared of serious head and neck injury but will be doubtful for the weekend.  Some other outs include Dale Thomas with an in-grown toe-nail, Jarrad Waite doubtful with a Hip and Ben McGlynn with a ham-sandwich.

Customise Your Finals, Part 1

674ladderWant to know how to customise the finals for your competition?  This is a quick tutorial to set you off in the right direction and explain some of the options that TheBench makes available for you when it come to the finals.

Change the number of participating Clubs

By default, finals always run in the final 4 rounds of the standard home and away season.

The most simple level of customisation, lets you choose the number of Clubs that will participate in the finals.  As the Competition Manager you can choose any of a 2, 4, 5, 6 or 8 club finals series.  You can change this at any time before the finals start.

To change the finals model, just go to the Competition Manage page and change the “Finals Model” value as needed.

By default, the system will set you up as “Automatic” which means it will automatically select the number of Clubs in the finals based on the total number of Club in your Competition, eg. if you have 10 Clubs it will automatically set you up for a 5 Club finals series.

With the number of Clubs who will participate in the finals selected, the System will automatically setup your finals games as each finals round progresses.  If you are wondering how the games will get defined, based on the number of participating Clubs, you can checkout one of the help pages here. 

Bespoke finals

So what about if you want to run finals in the last 2 round of the season? Or perhaps you don’t like the way we setup the games in a 5 Club finals series.

Well, the good news is TheBench lets you customise the finals right down to individual games.

On the Competition Edit page, if you simply select the Finals Model “None/Custom”, the System effectively hands the keys over to you to setup the Finals to your liking.

In this mode, no finals games will be automatically created.  Instead, you will need to manually create the games as you see fit.

To create your custom finals games, from the Fixture tab, select “Edit Games” on the round in question.  This will take you to the Game Edit page where you can add, delete and edit games.  Just keep in mind that you will only be able to edit the games once the previous round has been finalised.

With this model, you will need to manually create the games each week and will need to manually decide who plays who based on your finals results.

So if you want to run finals in the last two weeks, continuing the home and away games for another two weeks, for example, you just manually create a set of standard games when everyone participates for the first two weeks and then manually create the finals games, in any format you like, for the remaining two.

Battle to the Bottom (Sacko)

Another options is to create an additional set of games through the finals rounds, for the bottom teams to battle it out.  Sacko style for any fans of “The League”.

This option is available even for all Finals Models so you can have the System automatically create your normal finals but you can then add in an extra set of bottom feeder finals.


So that is about it.  Hopefully enough options to carve up your finals however you like.


Part 2 of this will be coming out soon to give you some times one using the Game Builder Wizard.