Early Draft Pick Predictions for 2015

I am sure, as a dedicated coach, you are now starting your nightly routine of watching replays of the 2014 season, studying the 2014 stats and reading up on the player reviews (no, not the Footy Show Player Review!).

Wether you are looking for the sequencing of your first pick or perhaps searching for a dark horse to pick late in the draft to give your squad a boost, the time is nigh to sharpen your pencils and start your research.

If the truth really is more like you save all your research to the last minute, grab some stats and hit the sort button (like I usually do), the following might help as a quick guide on who what hot in 2014.

Top Ruckman:

Sandilands is sitting on top now for who knows how many years in a row.  The big question is whether he has another full year left in him – I hope so!  I had Minson in my team last year and he normally put in a consistent performance and Jacob would be a good bet this year too.

Ruckman Average Points Games
Aaron Sandilands 45 21
Sam Jacobs 43 22
Will Minson 39 21
Todd Goldstein 38 21
Matthew Lobbe 37 21
Shane Mumford 41 17
Patrick Ryder 35 20
Mark Jamar 35 17
Robert Warnock 36 16
Mike Pyke 32 16


Tops forwards:

Buddy comes up on top of the forwards though Roughy was probably more consistent throughout the year.  Tomahawk was also consistent and played 3 more games Buddy, perhaps younger and more fit.  Will fitness be a factor to turn the tables this year?

Forwards Average Points Games
Lance Franklin 24 19
Jarryd Roughead 21 20
Tom Hawkins 19 22
Josh J. Kennedy 20 20
Jay Schulz 18 22
Jack Riewoldt 18 22

Top Midfielders:

Rockliff and Ablett are on top of the Midfielders though Gary was injured for a big part of the season which might bring him into question as your first midfielder pick this year (though if you don’t pick him, I’m sure someone else will before you get another pick!).  Kennedy and Priddis are probably good first picks based on consistency and fitness.

Midfielders Average Points Games
Tom Rockliff 33 18
Gary Ablett 32 15
Josh P. Kennedy 29 20
Matthew Priddis 29 22
Scott Pendlebury 28 21
Dyson Heppell 28 21
Toby Greene 28 15
Jordan Lewis 28 21


Top Tacklers:

I had Liber in my team last year and he was golden.  He has a few patches of inconsistency but for the most part he was great.  Rockliff was the start performer though in the tackling department with an average of 45, though he did play 4 less games than Liber.

Tacklers Average Points Games
Thomas Liberatore 39 22
Tom Rockliff 45 18
Matthew Priddis 36 22
Rory Sloane 33 22
Jaeger O’Meara 32 22
Matthew Lobbe 32 21
Luke Parker 30 22
Bradley Ebert 30 22


So that’s it, from a pure statistics perspective anyway.  Next big question is which position to pick for first in the draft.

(Stats only include the home and away games)