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Say good bye to the bye

statsWith the wretched bye rounds behind us now for AFL season 2014, we thought we would pull some quick stats together to compare the results.  Some of the numbers might surprise you, they did for me!

We compared the scores for the games before the bye rounds and then the scores for only the three bye rounds, in both the classic and the full field league template.

So what were the results?

First we checked the the average scores.  Not surprisingly, the averages were higher in the pre-bye rounds than during the bye rounds.  Interestingly however, the difference was only small, 5 points for the classic template (only a bit over 3%).

Next we had a look at the standard deviation.  My school and uni stats classes were a long time ago and I can’t exactly remember what standard deviation is but I’m pretty sure is give you a hint as to how much a set of results vary.  And as we might expect, there was more variation with scores during the bye rounds.

Finally, we had a look at the highest and lowest scores.  Lowest scores, well a no brainer, the lowest scores during the bye rounds were lower than the pre-bye rounds.

The Highest scores however, this is what caught me off guard.  The highest score during the bye rounds were much higher.  Why?  Well your guess is as good as mine.  Could it be that Jack Riewoldt finally pulled his finger out and delivered a blinding 11 goal performance, or perhaps Tom Liberatore put a solid 26 tackles together in this two games over the three rounds, dunno…

Perhaps the weeks rest means that the players perform better, bumping up the scores?  We checked that too:

Biggest bag of goals during the bye rounds was 11 to Jack Riewoldt and Josh J. Kennedy.  Prior to the bye rounds, 7 was the most for Jay Schulz.

For the tackles, 14 was the most to Adam Treloar in rounds one to sever while 15  tackles when to Ryan Griffen during the bye rounds.

Most hit-outs, 53 to Jamar during the three bye rounds, 60 to Mumford during the previous 7 rounds (finally a result that makes sense).

Disposals, 41 to Scott Pendlebury during the byes, 44 to Dyson Heppell prior to the bye rounds.


So there you have it.  A big stack of stats and not a lot to conclude other than it doesn’t make fielding a team any easier during the bye.


Here are the average scores:

Classic League Template:

Statistic Pre-Bye Rounds Bye Rounds
Average Scores 174 168
Standard Deviation 25 40
Maximum Scores 96 46


Full Field League Template:

Statistic Pre-Bye Rounds Bye Rounds
Average Scores 1318 870
Standard Deviation 771 513
Maximum Scores 2081 1380






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