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It’s a brand new year which means you can leave the troubles of 2014 behind and focus on the future.

Some of you may scoff at making New Year’s resolutions but if you want your NRLCEO year to be a prosperous one, here are some resolutions to consider.

1. Get a new job

The new year is a popular time to evaluate career goals.

When considering new careers think about what impact it will have on your NRLCEO team. Will you be required to work weekends for example? If you’re just looking to change companies, use the job interview as an opportunity to ask if there is an office tipping comp or fantasy league. A yes will mean attending to NRLCEO on company time will be less frowned upon.

If you’re satisfied in your current role, rather than asking for a raise try negotiating for a more flexible work roster, one say that would see you not have to work in the afternoon of Team List Tuesdays.

2. Get healthy

Diet, exercise, blah, blah, blah. I’m talking about your team being healthy.

Last year, NRLCEO’s most popular article was about the injury rate of the game’s most injury prone players. And yet I guarantee those guys will still get picked in drafts this year. And whoever does will justify it by saying “Something, something potential. Yada, yada, break out season.”

Don’t be that person.

Yes taking a risk can pay off but NRLCEO titles aren’t won on potential. They’re won with consistent players that perform week in, week out, and who rarely get injured.

3. Travel more

The great thing about today’s NRL (and the curse of administrators trying to get more people through the gate) is that you can watch every game from the comfort of your own living room. But what about all the games that aren’t televised? NSW Cup, Queensland Cup, Holden Cup.

Travel broadens the mind, and in this case your recruitment strategy. So get out to Henson Park or Dolphin Oval or whatever suburban ground is nearby. Today’s lower graders are tomorrow’s replacements.

4. Go back to school

Thinking of taking a night class? Maybe going back to uni? Sounds good but in the meantime educate yourself on all things NRLCEO. Go through statistics, look for trends. The NRLCEO Season Guide is a good starting point. Knowledge is power!

5. See a Doctor

Us men are guilty of this more so than women. I haven’t seen a doctor since I caught a nasty rash back in 2005. We avoid doctors like the plague. In fact it would probably take a plague for many of us to see one. They can be expensive and time consuming.

But not in NRLCEO. The Trade Doctor is free, here to help and is far less judgemental than the one I saw after I got back from Thailand.

6. Kick that habit

Smoking and junk food a good ones but nixing them will do little to help your NRLCEO chances. I’m talking about more time consuming ones like golf and family BBQs. In the age of rolling lock outs, staying up to date on late inclusions and withdrawals is crucial.

Unfortunately being glued to your phone is not a good look on either the back nine or at your in-laws so it’s best to avoid such activities altogether.

Take it from me, even the sweetest of chip shots will be soured when you learn you missed out on points because you didn’t check the late team changes.


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