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The Waiver Wire

contract_thebenchWaiver Wire

One of the most voted for feature on our suggestion page this year was the Waiver Wire.  The Waiver Wire is a feature imported from the American NFL Fantasy Games and is a play on how the real world NFL Player contracts are managed and traded throughout the season.  Checkout more about Waivers here.

In our game, Waivers are a better and more fair way to manage the drafting and delisting of players during the season and is really made up of three main parts:

  • Waivers: Players dropped from any Squad are temporarily flagged as being under Waiver, preventing them from being drafted to another Club without a Waiver Claim Request.
  • Free Agent Window: This is the period where any player, unless under Waiver, can be drafted.  Outside the Free Agent Window, no player can be drafted but a Claim Request can be submitted for processing upon the start of the Free Agent Window.  The Free Agent Window opens a few days before the start of the next Round and closes once the Round starts.  You can see when the Free Agent Window opens on the Fixture page.
  • Claim Requests: A request for drafting a Player under Waiver or outside the Free Agent Window.  The system will process requests nightly during the Free Trade Window and in the order of the lowest ranking coach first.

The following guide provides some information on how to use the Waiver Wire and what to expect.


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 12.56.12 pmDelisted Players

With the Waiver Wire enabled (which your Competition Manager can do for custom Leagues), all players that are delisted and under Waiver will be shown on the Home page in the Waiver Wire panel (see screenshot).

The Waiver Wire panel will show the time when the Player will return to the free market and will also give all coaches a chance to request a Claim Request to draft the Players.

Coaches can also access the “My Waiver Requests” page to view and manage all of their submitted Claim Requests.  See below for more about managing your Claim Requests.

A player must remain in the Waiver Wire for at least 24 hours.  Realistically it is 24 hours plus the time until the Waiver Request processing job runs.


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.05.30 pmSubmitting a Claim Request

To submit a Claim Request, a Coach need only click the plus sign next to the Player on the Waiver Wire panel to open the “Create Waiver Claim Request” page. A Coach can do the same from the Players profile page.

When submitting a Claim Request, a coach can also, optionally, nominate a Player from their Squad to drop in the process.  This saves a coach having to drop a Player in advance to make room on what might be a speculative request.  Clicking Submit saves the request and adds it to the queue for processing.


Managing your Claim Requests

You can manage your active Waiver Claim Requests from the “My Waiver Requests” page.  You can delete them or change the priority order.  The up arrow will push a Claim Request up the priority order which means it will be processed first.  A Coach can also delete their Claim Requests at any time by hitting the bin icon.

The information on the page also shows you when a request is due for processing and when the Claim Request job is next due to run.

Coaches cannot see other Coaches Claim Requests, and for a good reason, Coaches would want to keep this sort of stuff private.  The Competition Manager however, as per everything else on TheBench, can see other Coaches requests so they can manage the Competition.  You just need to trust your Competition Manager, easier for some than others!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 1.09.16 pm



Processing Claim Requests

Claim Requests are processed every night at around 8pm during the Free Agent Window.  It will also run just before the Free Agent Window opens to process the Claim Requests before all Players are released to the open market.

Claim Requests are processed in reverse order of the Ladder.  That is, the Club at the bottom gets their highest priority Claim Request processed first, then the second bottom etc up to the top.  The system then returns to the bottom and processes the second priority Claim Requests and continues until all Claim Requests that can be processed are processed.

If a Coaches highest priority Claim Request is rejected for any reason, the Player is already taken for example, the system will try to process the next priority Claim Request.  It will continue to try to process at least one request for the given Coach before moving to the next Coach.

Coaches will be able to view the outcome of their Claim Request from the “My Waiver Requests” page.



So that is the Waiver Wire in a nutshell.  We hope you like it.  The Waiver Wire is new for us too so if you have any feedback on how to improve it, we are all ears.

In summary:

  • Delisted players need a Claim Request to be drafted for at least the first 24 hours after being dropped
  • All players can only be drafted during the Free Agent Window without a Claim Request
  • Claim requests are processed each night during the Free Agent Window, in reverse ladder order


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