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The Rolling Lockout

The Rolling Lockout is typically available for all rounds that span more than 3 days.  Looks for the star icon on the Fixture page.

If you are not sure what the Rolling Lockout means, the rules are pretty simple at a high level.

1. A player can be changed at any time throughout the round up until their respective games start.
2. By default, only the starting line-up of players will be eligible for rotation off the bench.

More specific detail can be found here.

Your Competition Manager can choose to disable the enforcing of rule 2.

Rule 2 is intended to stop Coaches deliberately selecting an injured player to force another player to come off the bench. eg. Say you picked Jack Redden on the bench and Tom Liberatore as a Tackler. Jack plays first and he has a blinder, scoring 11 tackles. There is a good chance Tom will not beat 11 tackles so you change Tom to Kieren Jack who you know is injured meaning, without rule 2, Kieren will get swapped with Jack giving you the 11 tackles.

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