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Draft position and finals

statsSome interesting stats from Chris (one of our veteran Commissioners).

Draft Seat Titles – getting No 1, 9 or 10 are historically the better seats. Seat 2 is the worst. In fact in 35 season (across a few grades) only 1 title has been won from seat 2.

Draft Seat for Wooden Spoons – There have been 6 wooden spoons for draft seat 2, 5 for seat 8.

Draft Seat for getting a finals birth – 1, 6 and 7 are the best. 4, 5 and 8 the worst.

Once in the finals – winning the minor premiership counts for 51% of GF victories.

Across the 35 seasons, 5 coaches whom won the minor premiership have been knocked out in straights sets (we call it the JL’s after after a coach with a history of it).

Of those finishing second 6 have been JL’ed. Of those finishing third 15 JL’s.

A grade produced an average score per week during the reason season in excess of 185 in 2015. That was 8 up on last year. When we started in 2004 the average score was 153.6 using the same scoring methodology.

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