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A Crafty Draft (by the POM)

20140819hokissmagAn obvious question is what makes a great team. An obvious question that is difficult to answer…

To make it even more complicated take a game that is not played on the world stage, that you didn’t grow up watching or playing and that you have only really seen live at the ground about five times… Though one of those was a Grand Final… and it makes even damn harder to put out a Bench team.

(BTW I am still not sure why it has to be a called GRAND Final… surely The Final is enough…)

Anyhow, all that tells you is that as a Brit (or POM) picking a team of eight players for a game that contains 18 a side and with scoring that makes little to no sense (i.e. why do you reward people with a point for missing?) means I have had to ensure I have used as many backhanded ways to get a team together than most people. But it seems those backhanded methods have allowed me to rise the heady heights of my own draft league (which has 5 teams) to get into Division 1 from an initial Division 3 spot in about four years…

So, if a POM with no knowledge of the game can get up, how have I done it and what wisdom can I impart…


Find a good player who is not in your Division and who is willing to sell  you his stats. No, not the stats you can download from the net on players scores last year, but the stats that talk to the last six games of last season. The stats that highlight the rising stars coming through, the stats of outsiders who you should choose if you are in the number 6 seat of the draft.

Basically, buy knowledge if you don’t have it… and buy it well!

Lesson 2 … RUCK & TACKLE

Now this will be obvious to those that play in my leagues. You WILL win with good Ruckman and Tacklers. You may win with good forwards but they are hit and miss and midfielders are a dime a dozen…(unless it’s our little G. Abblet). But get a solid Ruck & Tackle combination (like Kirk and Jolly from a few years back God Bless ’em) and you are set for a long season with a finals appearance pretty much guaranteed.

Lesson 3 … TRADE

One of the hardest things to do in our league… but if you aint doing well, do something different… And that means time and effort to trade your players with other teams. Otherwise, put simply,  you will continue to do badly !

Just a few tips from a POM with an ability to work his way up the rankings and leave a path of Aussie destruction in his wake… A bit like the Ashes (though that is another story).


The POM !

(So what has this got to do with KISS on the feature image… about the same as I know about AFL… nothing)…

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