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What Can Online Betting Teach Us About Aussie Rules Fantasy Footy?

Whether you’re new to Aussie Rules fantasy footy or a long-time player, it’s no secret that an ability to analyze the numbers is key to putting together a winning strategy for your team. A masterful understanding of all of the necessary stats, figures, and trends in your league is vital if you want to come out on top.

That’s why it helps to look at the information and resources available to you that can help you get a better grasp of how to get the most value out of your footy experience and ensure the very best chances of success.

The online betting industry, particularly when it comes to real-world sports betting and online casino games, is built on the kinds of stats and odds that any fantasy league players need to understand. If you’re looking to fine-tune your analytical approach to Aussie Rules fantasy footy, here’s what the world of online betting can teach you.

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Sports Betting

Sports betting and fantasy footy are obvious brethren. Many of the biggest sports betting sites in Australia actually let you place bets on fantasy league games, meaning that they use a lot of the same metrics and probability measures that TheBench does.

To successfully place a bet on a fantasy sports league, you’ll need to take a look at the past performance of players, overall squad performance, recent transfers and more.

Moreover, betting on real-world Aussie Rules football can give fantasy league players a rich understanding of the factors that determine success within the sport. Fantasy leagues operate in a similar fashion to the AFL, where the strength of a squad and the overall odds you will receive for a wager will depend largely on the same stats and performance history metrics.

Even other Aussie sports betting like cricket and rugby will give you a strong understanding of how different stats are calculated in order to give you reliable odds on a team.

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Online Casinos

Branching out into the world of online casino gaming can also help inform your fantasy football strategy. The online casino industry is a competitive place that attracts seasoned players, players who tend to look out for certain deals and stats in order to decide which casinos to actually start placing bets with.

There are important metrics such as the Return-to-Player (RTP) stats, which give players a percentage figure that tells them how much money they are likely to get back with each wager over the long run. In addition, casinos offer a wide range of ways for players to analyze whether they are the right choice.

The latest list of new casinos in NZ from shows prospective players the true value of each bonus offered by casinos, but contrasting the ‘cash’ value of the bonus with the estimated value of the free slot spins each casino offers to new players.

The ability to distinguish between stats such as these in order to determine the real potential or value of something is crucial for anybody wishing to do well as Aussie Rules fantasy footy, whether you’re betting or playing for yourself.

Online betting and casino sites are closely linked to fantasy sports sites in many ways. Players looking to get some inspiration and improve their understanding of fantasy footy should check out these sites to learn the true value of numbers when it comes to building a strategy to win.

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